Financial Consulting Services

Safety Lock Consulting is here to give you access to outsourced CFO services without having to hire them as full-time employees. We can be as flexible as needed yet consistent and reliable to help you optimize your budget and your output. The outsourced CFO package is managed by our in-house CFO along with a team of CPAs and bookkeepers as needed.

We offer complete or piece-meal CFO and data analytics functions that include:

General CPA level accounting

Tax preparation and filing

Financial budgeting models

Expected vs actual expense analysis

Financial projection models

Business models

Capital raising guidance and material preparation

Customer analytics tools

Pricing strategies

Expansion planning

Financial representative at board meetings

Our Process

Our process is entirely customizable to your business, but we do tend to follow a broad strategy. The first month will involve assessing the current state of financials, carrying out any necessary clean up – bookkeeping, systems, data tracking, etc, and then planning a customized strategy for your needs and next steps.


In the following months, we will focus on management and looking forward. This involves maintaining financials and product/customer level data and building necessary forward looking tools such as projections or customer/product analysis models, as well as defining, measuring, and strategizing on KPIs for the business. We will then interpret this data to help make strategic managerial decisions, acting as the outsourced CFO and data consultant for the company, and of course, we are always available for general strategic guidance and deep level interpretation of data insights.

Expertise At All Levels

Financial Expertise

Financial Projections


Funding Preparation

Cost analysis

Analytical Expertise

Customer lifetime analytics

Pricing optimization

Dashboard analytics

Business insights

Automated reporting

Strategic Expertise

Business plans

Determining business viability

Marketing and sales strategy

Scale-up strategies

Strategic roadmaps

Operational Expertise

Process improvement

Managing employees

Benchmark creation

Performance optimization