Business Coaching at Both the Macro and Micro Level

We see entrepreneurs struggle because their nature is typically to be the innovator and idea generator. Without pairing this with a balanced team it often takes too long to get somewhere. We become part of your team to form the perfect collaborative trio: the entrepreneur, the macro-level coach, and the micro-level coach.
We also take great pride in focusing on both the business and personal feasibility of any idea otherwise any template and theory is only academically successful. It is typically through conversations regarding how the business fits into the founder's broader life goals that we can help his/her vision be created.

Are you looking to boost your board of business advisors with experience?

Having a team of business advisors is vital for early stage companies. Not all entrepreneurs have experience in running a business, in navigating the new industry, and in planning out their roadmap. It is thus especially important to have a team of trusted advisors that span across the types of experiences that you need to leverage from. Even if you have done it before and feel experienced, it is important to leverage other ways of thinking, stay objective, and out of the day-to-day weeds of the business.
You can only truly achieve when you master how to utilize others efficiently. Constructing a board of advisors is important and a cost-effective way to gain experience on the team. This is a less hands-on solution that Safety Lock Consulting offers than our other services.

Macro Level or Vision Strategy Coaching

Having a strategic business coach as a mentor is vital to success. This is why TV shows like Shark Tank and The Profit are doing so well. However, who you trust as a mentor is just as important of a decision as deciding to have a mentor in the first place. We believe that the best person to be your business coach at this level is a seasoned business owner. Our team has the perfect combination of macro level coaches and  seasoned business owners with over 30 years of experience running their own and nurturing other successful start-ups. So, don't be fooled by coaches without the business experience.
The macro level or vision strategy coach is your ultimate guide: helping you navigate managerial decisions, hiring, business direction, partnership agreements, negotiations, and even an objective partner to help brainstorm the big decisions. This will help ensure you stay smart from the start and reduce project failure risk.

Micro Level or Execution Strategy Coaching

Ideas is only one piece of the puzzle – execution is the other. How you go about executing your vision at the early stages is the leading decider of start-up success or failure.
Our team will help you build and execute your roadmap through providing detailed and regular one-on-one guidance. Our background in finance, analytics and entrepreneurship allows us to construct a very well thought out roadmap for start-ups and provide hands-on coaching through each operational challenge.
Clients have found this level of coaching helpful for the every day operational questions, funding preparation, staying focused on what to do each week, constructing a roadmap, building a business plan, brainstorming business direction, building out more sophisticated processes in the organization to track and benchmark performance, and optimize customer lifetime value decisions.